Meet the Team

Read below to find out a bit more about our ragtag team and what makes us tick.

Alan Dowling

Principal / Creative Director / Lead Designer

Sweating the details with an eye on the big picture – that tends to be Alan’s style on each new project. He’s equal parts designer, developer, and mad scientist. He loves the collision of art and technology but even more so loves a good sandwich.

You can read some of Alan’s private ramblings about life, design, and all things nerdy at

Mike Becchio

Web Development / Marketing

Exuberance and dedication are two fancy sounding words that can easily apply to Mike. He’s out to get the job done, no matter what that job might be. Not only that but he’ll get it done within budget too. He’s just that tenacious – which is another good word.

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Dia Becchio

Web & Graphic Designer / Biz Whiz

Ever the lover of a challenge, Dia will push herself (and you) to new creative heights. With a knack for small business development and strategic planning, she balances the paradox of creativity and linear thinking. She’s partial to fantastic typography, clean aesthetics, and finds inspiration comes from exotic and far-off places… like the produce aisle.

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James Prola

Motion Graphics Artist / Video Extraordinaire

He’ll get the job done regardless of obstacles – like sleep. His creative exploration has been to professionally and recreationally develop his skills in video editing, cinematography, design, and photography. Also, he likes bodyboarding.

Check out James’ little corner of the internet at

Pablo Otaola

Developer / Marketing / Programming Czar

You ever know someone who knows how to do a lot of stuff and do those things well? That’s Pablo. He’s the point man for complicated web development and he’s always on the mark. And he could easily pass for a bad-ace pirate if he dirtied himself up a bit and wore an eye patch.

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